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Uncle Bob’s Wedding


Editor’s Note: If there is anyone
all of us know whom we would want to find true happiness
in life, it is our own Uncle Bob (UB). He was a mainstay
at the "fun house" for years, bringing his own
brand of humor and caring to his friends, and discipline
and value to the students. He has worked long and hard
for not only the EBJI, but also for the USJF. We were so
happy when he got married last year, although not about
his leaving us. Yet, our loss is that area’s tremendous
gain, where UB continues to teach the values and
principles of Kodokan Judo – those that we teach here at
EBJI – at his own dojo in Fruitland, ID. We wish him and
his new family all the happiness in the world, and his
dojo much success in the years to come.

Most people know Robert Fukuda as the
guy who works for USJF and talks a lot on the phone. I
know him as Uncle Bob or UB who has mood swings but is
still fun to be with. Bob Fukuda worked for the East Bay
Judo Institute as a sensei and administrator for about 6
years. He has also worked for USJF (United States Judo
Federation) for 6 years as the administrator for the
national office. He took care of dojo registration and
helped out with the kid’s class at the EBJI.

I knew Terry Fukuda for about 4 or 5
years since I went to the Ore-Ida tournament every year.
I also knew the kids – David, Justin and Michael. Terry
Fukuda was the manager of the Ore-Ida Judo Club that put
on the Ore-Ida Judo tournament that we went to. She took
care of all our travel arrangements when we went to
Oregon. So, naturally, she and Uncle Bob talked on the
phone a lot.

Well, Uncle Bob’s talking on the phone
a lot helped because he and Aunt Terry began to go out.
Sometimes Uncle Bob would go to Idaho (where they lived)
and sometimes Aunt Terry came down to California.

While Uncle Bob was going out with Aunt
Terry, I had no idea that it was going on until one day
when UB took me to McDonalds after school. He sat me down
and said "Did you know I’m getting married?" I
swear my heart skipped a beat and I said, "To whom?!!!"
His reply was "Ms. Eldred" I was very surprised
that it was Aunt Terry because I had known her for such a
long time and I didn’t expect that it was her UB was
getting married to.

So, Ms. Eldred became Mrs. Fukuda. The
wedding was held on August 31, 1996 in a Buddhist Church
in Ontario, Oregon. It was a nice wedding and I was
honored to be a junior bridesmaid. Along with me were two
other girls, Kara Nagaki and Jayne Inouye who were also
bridesmaids. The ushers were Robert Nagaki and Jeff
Inouye. Justin, Michael and David Eldred were also part
of the wedding.

UB and AT now live happily in Fruitland,
Idaho with their three sons and two dogs (hard to tell
which is a son and which is a dog). Uncle Bob has now
moved the national office to Ontario, Oregon where the
address is P.O. Box 338 Ontario, Oregon 97914.

They have also opened their own judo
club called the West Idaho Judo Institute. Recently, the
judo club took second place in the team competition at
the Ore-Ida Judo Tournament. Their students also placed
in the individual competition. They practice three times
a week and are gradually getting new students.

All of us here at the East Bay Judo
Institute and the judo community in the bay area wish
their family the best of luck.> >