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What I’ve learned at EBJI — Philip Lau


The first time I went to East Bay Judo it was on a summer
day during school vacation. It was one of my worst days
ever. That first practice was and hard compared to
anything I had ever done before. After that practice I
felt miserable. At that time I didn’t like judo. I was
forced to go by my parents. After many months of going to
East Bay Judo I finally got used to doing judo. Then I got
promoted to green belt.

I like learning new judo techniques at EBJI. But I
still get corrected on many of my old techniques. I would
say that my judo has improved a whole lot! I’ve gone to
many tournaments but I have only placed second or third.
My goal is to get first place at any tournament. So far
this is my experience at East Bay Judo Institute; but I’m
still learning!