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2001 Daiheigen Japan Trip


In my fifteen years I have been lots of places. Of all the places I have been I would have to say that
my recent trip to Japan has been the most memorable. Not only because I was traveling with friends and
practicing what I love, judo. But also because I learned a number of things along the way. Although I learned
about Japans history, economy, and language I feel what stuck with me goes a little deeper.

What I learned is that in order to succeed in judo you need to take it upon yourself to try and to work hard.
When it came to working out in Japan you couldn’t help but get a workout without even trying. Because of the
intensity. But to actually get something out of it ,it was important to try all on your own. It didn’t matter
how tired or sweaty you were just the fact that you were still out there said something.
I’ve been told by sensei’s that it’s those people out there who know what it takes to go far. So
although there were so many things I could have written about that I learned I feel that this was the most important.
I believe this now, because before I went to Japan and heard this theory about what it took to succeed
I didn’t truly understand it or even believe it. Until I saw it in action.

A certain group of girls going out every round of randori , on their own, and going full blast because
they knew they needed to. In conclusion, on my trip to Japan I learned a lot of things, but this is what
impacted me the most.

The Japan Trip

By: Jessica Hsieh

The Japan trip was a great experience for me. While we were in Japan we met a lot of friendly people. It was
a little tough having to deal with the language barriers, but somehow we got through it. Not only was the trip
fun and exciting but it was educational as well. I learned so much while I was in Japan. I learned more about
the history and making of judo as well as the history of the different cities of Japan.

While we were in Tokyo we learned about the history and making of judo. Judo was originated in Tokyo and it
was created by Jigoro Kano. Jigoro Kano was an expert in Jujitsu and wanted to modify the techniques of Jujitsu
to make it less dangerous, he then named it judo. We were fortunate enough to have visited the dojo where Jigoro
Kano practiced his judo. It was a very small place, with tatami mats, and a gold shrine in the front of the room.
The place was so small that every time someone would get thrown the whole room would shake. We weren’t allowed
to go inside so we admired the dojo from the open windows and the open door. We also learned that only men were
allowed to practice the art of judo. Judo was soon practiced all over the world by men and women, is now an
Olympic event.
As we were in Japan we learned a little bit about every city we visited. My favorite city to visit was Hiroshima.
It was my favorite because I had the opportunity to learn more about the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima. We visited the atomic bomb museum the day after the anniversary of the bombing. In the front of the museum there was a stone arch, and each year they carve a person that died from either the bombing or the radiation. As we entered the museum we got to see what happened on that tragic day. I learned that the Americans and the Japanese were feuding, and the Americans decided to drop a bomb on Japan. They had a few cities to choosefrom, and they decided to drop the bomb on Hiroshima, because all the military bases were in Hiroshima.

The trip was so fun and it went by so fast, as soon as it was over it felt like we had only been there a few days.
I have so many memories of Japan that I’ll never forget. I think what made it most fun was going with my team
mates because I don’t think I would had as much fun if I were to go with another group of people. I also like
to take this time to thank Takeuchi Sensei for allowing us to go to Japan and allowing us to have this amazing