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1/11 – Practice at the Kodokan

Hello again!

It’s about 8:14 PM right now and I’m standing on the balcony trying to type REALLY fast before I lose the signal again. We just got back about 40 mintues ago from practice at the Kodokan. We had an adventure trying to get home.

Practice was good. There were a lot more girls that weigh the same as Sayaka and I so it was good. We started practice with stretching and newaza uchikomi and then did newaza randori (7-4min rounds) After that we moved to tachiwaza with 5-1min rounds of speed uchikomi and 8-5min rounds of tachiwaza randori. We did EVERY SINGLE ROUND! I’m amazed that I’m standing right now. Practice for me went well; I got thrown a lot… but I actually got a few of my own throws in. Sayaka and Molly did well too. We are all working on throws that we don’t use on a regular basis because what we normally do doesn’t work as well against the Japanese style of judo.

Before judo we didn’t do much. We all woke up around 8:00 this morning and sat around watching Oprah DVD’s. We left the apartment around 2:00 to go to judo which started at 3:00. We got there without problems but on our way home we got on the wrong train. We didn’t know that every other train is what we want, and we happened to get on the wrong train. So we had to back track and then get on the right train. it was a little confusing actually. but we’ve got it now. It was going to happen sooner or later…getting lost. After we got off the train we went grocery shopping, we were running out of fruits and vegetables. So we did some shopping and then came home. Then Sayaka started to cook (she’s the designated chef).

Anyways dinners ready! So I’m going to call it a night.



EBJI girls at the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan