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1/12 – Kodokan Camp day 2

Hello All,
Today was a tough day, judo wise. 
We woke up around 7:00 am this morning and then left for practice at 9:00am. We got to the Kodokan and there were a ton of girls. Practice was in the main hall today because there were so many girls. For the morning session we did 8-4min rounds of newaza randori and 8-5min rounds of tachiwaza randori. We went to practice thinking that the morning session was going to be only newaza and the afternoon session would be tachiwaza, but, we were wrong. It was tough!!!
After the morning session we came back to the house to lay down and eat lunch. We didn’t stay in the city because we wouldn’t have anywhere to rest. So we stayed home for an hour then turned around to leave for the afternoon practice. We didn’t feel like going to practice… but we had to. It’s good that we went because we felt good at practice. We did 10-5min rounds of tachiwaza randori and then we did nagekomi and 3 person uchikomi to finish practice. After practice we walked back to the train station and stopped at Starbucks for coffee and the AM/PM for drinks. 
Once we got back home, we made dinner and am just sitting around right now chatting. There’s not much else to do around here.
Tommorow the plan is that we are going to go to the New Year’s celebration at Konno Sensei’s dojo. We’ll get to see Michael [Eldred]  too. He just got here last night I think…
I hear the washing machine making noise… that means that it’s done!