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Kokushikan 2008 – Homestay Information

Dear EBJI Friends and families;
This February we will be hosting a team of  seven women from Kokushikan University in Tokyo, Japan from February 13 – 21th. This experience has proven to be a very rich experience for all – The team will experience everyday American culture, attend classes on cross-cultural relations, and participate in daily judo practices while the EBJI community enjoys shared cultural experiences, lasting friendships, and of course, the pleasure of a weeks worth of hard workouts.
In the past, the home-stay experience is one that both the Kokushikan team and our EBJI families have enjoyed very much. It is an opportunity to share our everyday life with someone from a different country, learn about a different culture and most importantly strengthen the bond of friendship between our communities. This year, we would like to continue this tradition, and are asking for your support in opening up your homes to these students for one week. Attached you will find a tentative schedule of their activities. The students will be busy with their team activities for the majority of the day, and spend time with their host families in the mornings and evenings. The responsibilities of the host families include:
  • Provide housing from February 13 – 18th.
  • prepare breakfast and dinner for your guest
  • give them a ride/provide them with transportation to EBJI in the morning, and from EBJI in the evening.
  • Spend the day with them on Sunday, February 17th. Plans for this day are totally up to you!
If you are interested in being a host-family, please feel free to check out some of the articles, pictures and letters from past years at the dojo or speak to any of the families that have hosted in past years. If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to speak with the coordinators of the exchange – Takenari Asanuma, Sayaka Matsumoto or Stephanie Hata.
Thanks again for all your continued support!
Stephanie Hata
(510) 237-0607
Takenari Asanuma
(510) 334-7161
Sayaka Matsumoto
(510) 237-0607