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August 14, 2008 – Last Day

The trip is on it’s home stretch. Today is our final day in Beijing. Tomorrow we will be on a plane with a destination of San Francisco International Airport. I think the majority of use were relieved. We are all glad to be finally going home. We definitely loved being here and are thankful for this opportunity given to us… but home has a nice sound.

For the past few days since my last post, it’s all been pretty much the same routine. Except yesterday, after Adler was eliminated and after Suzuki lost, Asanuma Sensei, Sayaka, Marti, Michael, Kayla, Ronda and I went to the Fashion Market to check out Olympic Stores. (Sayaka found the locations online). We ended up buying a bunch of stuff and checking out the market, which is very similar to the silk market (just cleaner and not crowded).

After spending quite a few time there, we all went to the Bank of America house which is a place where athletes can bring their friends and family (limited number of course and only for American athletes) for food, drinks, Internet, etc. We ate dinner there and had some beer and enjoyed ourselves. Then Marti, Michael, Asanuma SEnsei and I walked to the USA House (which is very similar to Bank of America house) to check out the official USA apparel. I bought a few things for the family, and I have to go back today. After that, we came back to the dorm to only turn around and go to this bar down the street.

We spent a good amount of time there hanging out and talking (All the Hopefuls and Bobby). It was about 2 in the morning when we all finally called it a night.

OH! I almost forgot to mention the most exciting thing out of the entire trip! Ronda Rousey won 3rd place. HISTORY! She’s the first American female in the history of our sport to win a medal at the Olympics!! She fought 2 days ago. We were all going to go out to celebrate at this club called Club Bud which is put on by Budweiser where they serve free beer and everything until 3am. But we couldn’t get our stuff together and everything so we never made it there. We got in the cab and drove out to the address listed but no club. So we ended up turning around and coming back to the dorms, but no more than 2 seconds after deciding to turn around, I spotted the club. It was 2 buildings down from where we thought the club was. How embarrassing. But let me tell you, Marti was so frustrated that entire night because she wanted to go to the club so bad. I only went because she didn’t want to ride in a cab alone. So being the good friend I am, I went. I was kind of relieved that we didn’t find the place. I didn’t want to stay out all night.

But that’s about all we’ve been up to recently. Today Michael, Marti, Sensei and I are going to go watch field hockey. We got 4 tickets. And inside that venue there’s a super store of Olympic stuff. So we are excited about that.