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August 4, 2008 – Day 4 is just starting

So today is day 4 of my stay here at the Olympics, and only 4 more days until I compete and only 3 more days until the opening ceremonies!!! 
Yesterday and today have been overcast, and Ronda and I are trying to figure out if its clouds or pollution.  We smelled something funky in the air yesterday, but still not sure if its the air quality or what.
At practice yesterday there were camera crews from NBC Today Show who interviewed Taraje and Val and videotaped our practice.  Don’t know when this is going to be shown, but hopefully judo will get some coverage in the states.
We have practice today from 11-1 and then Ronda and I are planning to play shuffleboard.  Here at the village there is an entertainment room with foosball, pool tables, air hockey and shuffleboard.  Right now we are tied 1-1 but I’m planning to break that tie this afternoon.
Other then that, we’ve just been staying in our rooms watching episodes of Intervention and hanging out. 
Still getting up in the middle of the night, always around 2am because of jet lag, but at least we’re not going to sleep at 8pm anymore.
Tomorrow starts the real cutting weight where I really have to watch what I eat and drink. May not be such fun, please pray for me and send me positive thoughts.
Hope everyone will be able to have a chance to go to the August 8 viewing party of the opening ceremonies at Cerrito Theater. Ronda and I realized that the Chinese invented firecrackers, so I’m sure there will be an awesome fireworks display at the opening ceremonies.
Love and miss you all