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Junior National Results Day 1

Jackson Kim, Brandon Izzo and Dillon Izzo fought at the United States Judo Federation’s Junior Nationals on June 11 and 12, 2009 at the CCSF Wellness Center in San Francisco, CA.  A lot of the EBJI Family was there, including Matsumoto Sensei, Ken Sensei, Yukako Taketani, Nate Torra, Gene Demachi, Ann Shiraishi, Daniel Bayer as well as coaches Stephanie Hata and Sayaka Matsumoto.
Jackson competed in the Intermediate Division, got countered his first match, but came back with vengeance to win his next match by pin for ippon.  In his next match, Jackson fought valiantly, but was thrown a couple minues into the match.


Brandon Izzo competed in the Juvenile B division. His first match was against the eventual gold medalist, where he was thrown for ippon with taiotoshi. Brandon regrouped and came back strong in his second match and threw his opponent for ippon with osotogari. In his third match, he was thrown for some minor scores at the beginning of the match and was unable to overcome the deficit.

Dillon Izzo competed on the second day of competition, in the Juvenile A category. In his first match, Dillon was thrown for ippon with uchimata. Dillon came back strong in his next match where it was even until the last minute when he was caught with a throw for ippon.

dillon2 dillon

All boys have shown vast improvement in their judo during this training process and have gained valuable competition experience for the future. All of us here at East Bay are proud at how far they’ve come.