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California State Championships

The CJI California State Judo Championships were held at the City College of San Francisco on May 29-30, 2010.

Representing EBJI were Jared Beane, Brandon Izzo and Jackson Kim. All of them will also be representing EBJI at the USJF/USJA Junior Nationals on July 2-3 in Irvine, CA.

Jared competed in the IJF-Junior 81kg category. He went 1-2 for the day, winning a bronze medal. He writes about his experience at the tournament:

Going to the judo state championship tournament at CCSF for me came across as a really good experience. I was given the chance to practice what I’ve learned so far in judo, and the chance to spend time with family and friends. Despite the fact that I lost most of my matches, the mental and physical demand served as a challenge. The helpful advice my judo instructors gave to me after every match really helped me focus on how improve my technique and my endurance for future competitions. The state tournament gave me the opportunity to meet new people, use what I’ve learned so far against competitors, and to focus on improving my judo.”

Brandon Izzo competed in the Juvenile B 60kg division. After going 3-2 for the day, Brandon took 4th place in a 12 man pool. He writes about his experience:

On May 30, I fought at the 2010 California State Judo Championships.  I competed in the Male Juvenile B, 60 kg division and there were 12 people in my pool. This was my first tournament since I sustained an AC separation, a shoulder injury on my left shoulder back in April. I was nervous because I had only a month of practice to prepare for this tournament. I had 3 wins and 2 losses.

My first opponent, Bryce Oishi, a black belt, who is ranked nationally, dominated the match and won by Ippon.  In my second match, I countered my opponent and won by Ippon.  In my third match, I threw my opponent with an Ouchigari for Ippon.  Although I was nervous during my first matches, I quickly regained confidence after winning two matches in a row.  I was determined to win because I was pumped up.  My fourth opponent was tough and he almost caught me on several occasions with a drop knee Seionage.  There was a moment when he was trying to throw me, I saw an opening and went for a deep choke.  I heard both Sayaka Sensei and Ken Sensei utter out loud for me to keep going. My opponent tapped to forfeit and the shouting turned into cheering.  In my fifth match, I had to fight against a good friend of mine, Ryan Hisaka.  He threw me with an Uchimata; I was then eliminated.

Despite the fact that I didn’t place, I gained invaluable experience by fighting higher ranked opponents. I had fun in this tournament but it’s time to hit the training again to correct what I did wrong.  With the help of the Senseis and dedicated hard work, I am looking forward to winning in the Junior Nationals.”

Jackson Kim also competed in the Intermediate B 34kg division. Although he lost both his matches, Jackson showed great fighting spirit and sportsmanship.

All 3 boys now turn their attention to the junior nationals, which will be held in a few short weeks.