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“It is difficult to be a parent, especially of teenagers, and juggle work, home, school, and extra-curricular activities with the kids but EBJI is more than an extra-curricular activity to us. They have really helped us in guiding and teaching our kids values; some of the same values that we teach at home. EBJI has been a wonderful addition to our family.”

~Esther Gonzalez (Children: Nico, Estefany)


“Our sons look forward to Judo everyday. By making it fun, the Sensei’s at the East Bay Judo Institue have indirectly taught my sons discipline, respect, concern for others, and right action while helping to develop great Judo technique in a very short time. The Dojo has a family atmosphere that is sincere and trustworthy. To top it off EBJI is one of the most affordable activities in which our children participate.”

~Casey Filson (Children: Cole, Marley)


“The longer we stay here, the more we feel that this dojo is the right place for our child; he has made friends, equal alliances and he has learned about structure. This place fosters critical thinking skills in children during mat work, and it exposes them to rules, ethics and athletic perseverance.  I recommend this dojo to other families for a multitude of reasons, but none greater than the fact that EBJI is an asset to the whole Bay Area because of it’s principals and instructor expertise.”

~Serena Meyer (Child: Will)


“I chose EBJI for a number of reasons, and after 2 ½ years wouldn’t think of taking him anywhere else.  In addition to being good people (and demanding that of students), I love that they emphasize having fun and learning good judo- from quality instructors- over winning and losing from the start. I wanted to give Michael a chance to enjoy judo for as long as he chose to;  EBJI provides a great place for that to happen.”

~Tim Myers (Child: Mike)


“I started doing Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 16 in 1995, I began training in Judo three years later in 1998. Over the past 19 years I have been fortunate enough to have fought professionally, trained with UFC participants, and U. S. Olympians. Nowhere have I found a better place for grappling instruction, and training, than East Bay Judo Institute. Being part of East Bay Judo is a source of pride for both myself, and my children. It is also something which brings us great humility, as we strive to live up to East Bay’s motto, and become better people through Judo.”

~Keith R. Berry (Children: Teddy, Daniel, Salome)


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