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1996 Daiheigen Development Events


Editor’s Note: Development is a
crucial and important aspect of any organization. EBJI is
fortunate indeed to have one of its students and
instructors, Dan Israel, serve as Chairman of the
Development Committee of our regional association,
Daiheigen Judo Yudanshakai. In this position, Dan is
responsible for soliciting consensus from the other
member dojos as to what kinds of activities and events
the Yudanshakai sponsors every year. As our needs change,
so do our developmental activities. As you will read
below, our developmental events for 1996 were a great
success, with hundreds of people in the Yudanshakai
participating in the various activities. Dan’s position
is also important that he sets not only what kinds of
activities occur, but the tone and demeanor in which they
occur. Dan has been able to accomplish his goals through
a process and spirit of cooperation and harmony which is
just as important as the actual activities themselves. In
this way, EBJI is influencing not only our own members
directly, but also members of the Judo community in and
around the entire Northern California and Sacramento
regions. Our ability to have such positive influences on
such a broad spectrum of people is due, in part, to our
ability to have a strong home dojo with a broad base of
community support. We look forward to having a positive
influence all around these areas in 1997 and beyond.

Throughout 1996, it was my pleasure to
once again represent EBJI on the Daiheigen Board of
Directors as the chairman of the development committee.
The two events which we sponsored this year were our
annual training for the USJF Junior Nationals and a set
of novice judo and referee clinics. The Junior National
training began on the last Saturday in April and was held
every Saturday up to the Junior Nationals at the end of
May. The novice clinics were held once a month from
October through December.

With approval of the Board of Directors,
I once again asked Ken Kokka and Victor Lameyse to serve
as Daiheigen’s Yudanshakai coaches. The judo practices
were held every Saturday from 10 am through 1 pm. Classes
consisted of technical instruction, randori (both ne waza
and tachi waza), and endurance training. Prior to these
classes, competitors aged 13 and over were doing 30-45
minutes of running, sprinting, and calisthenics to
supplement their training. We also provided students with
a class on proper weight training and nutrition.

Since Daiheigen was the host of this
year’s USJF Junior National tournament, scoring and
timing clinics were also held concurrently with judo
practice. All the volunteers who were working tables at
the tournament had to attend these sessions and acquaint
themselves with the different aspects of the scoring and
timing table to be ready for a national tournament.

The tournament itself was successful.
The training really paid off. People from every dojo,
friends, and family all came together and worked very
hard to pull this off. Many people did double duty. Some
competed one day and then worked tables, or assisted in
another area on the second day. Daiheigen’s competitors
did well, working very hard and taking several medals,
particularly in the girls divisions. The scoring and
timing teams met with only minor problems, particularly
impressive given the fact that 3 months prior to the
tournament some of them had never seen judo before, let
alone worked at a tournament.

In October, Daiheigen sprang to
activity again, holding the first of 3 novice judo and
referee clinics. One clinic per month, from October
through December was held. Each session featured a judo
clinic (for all ranks and ages) and a novice referee
clinic. Several Daiheigen instructors helped give
instruction and assistance at the judo clinics, and
Sensei Haruo Makimoto (IJF-B referee) administered the
referee clinic. After each clinic, we held a practice
tournament so player and referee alike could test what
they learned.

As we move into 1997, I can only see
the development schedule of the yudanshakai as ambitious.
With 3 new dojos as members, new ideas and new events
will be coming. Already planned for 1997 are a series of
3 kata clinics, for those eligible for dan promotion to
learn both the nage and the katame no kata. Daiheigen is
also planning a Summer Judo Camp for June. All this will
be in addition to the normal clinics and training that we
usually have each year.

As I close, I want to express that I
hope that as chairman of Development, that I am indeed
providing opportunity for those in our organization (student
and instructor alike) to develop their judo. I do realize
that I cannot do his alone, and I try to give credit
where it is due. I would like to take this opportunity to
thank everyone, as well as all their family and friends
who have helped (in any way, small or large) us in our
efforts to make judo grow. I hope that I can continue to
count on all your efforts in the future to continue to
bring these events to promote growth and development in
Judo. Thanks once again.