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EBJI Special Guest: Masayuki Takeuchi


Editor’s Note: Many of our members
at EBJI knew that Professor Takeuchi had been visiting
for the year, but many people did not know of exactly
what kind of person he was, and what he did with his time
when he was not at Judo. Indeed, as described below,
Professor Takeuchi is a gentleman and scholar, and
embodies the true spirit of an educated citizen of the
world, as held by the original tenets of Judo. In his
quiet way, Professor Takeuchi has accomplished more in
one year here than many people do in several years.
Professor Takeuchi leaves EBJI, going back to Japan,
reaffirming his faith in the teachings and philosophy of
classic Judo, all of which were reminded to him at EBJI.
In these small ways, EBJI contributes to education and
the development of youth in other countries as well!

During 1996, EBJI has been lucky to
have a special guest instructor from Japan, Mr. Masayuki
Takeuchi. Takeuchi sensei is a professor at Daito Bunka
University, and is one of the leading researchers of Judo
in Japan. He is also a leader in the Japanese Judo
administration, being a former Chairman of the Board of
the All Japan University Judo Federation, and serving as
a Director for many other Judo organizations in Japan.
Takeuchi Sensei with Dan

During his stay here at EBJI, which
began in April 1996, Professor Takeuchi worked at Culture
and Emotion Research Laboratory, located in the
Department of Psychology at San Francisco State
University, directed by David Matsumoto. As a Visiting
Scholar, Professor Takeuchi engaged in a year long
training course in research methods and data analysis, to
sharpen his research skills and knowledge to take back to
Japan. In addition, he worked as a collaborator on a
number of research projects that led to the production of
manuscripts and reports that either were presented at
scientific conferences or submitted to academic and
scholarly journals for publication.

Professor Takeuchi spent a busy year
indeed here. During his stay, these are a few of the
things he accomplished:

  • Learned and mastered a data
    analysis software package>
  • Entered, managed, and analyzed
    data he brought from Japan investigating stress
    and anxiety in different sport athletes>
  • Made research presentations at the
    Scientific Congress for the Olympic Games held in
    Dallas, Texas, in July, 1996>
  • Collaborated on research that was
    presented at the Japanese Academy of Budo
    Conference in Kanagawa, Japan in September, 1996>
  • Collaborated on research that was
    presented at the National Judo Coaches Conference
    in Colorado Springs in September, 1996>
  • Collaborated on research that was
    presented at he International Judo Symposium held
    in Tokyo, Japan in November, 1996>
  • Collaborated on the production of
    three research manuscripts submitted for
    publication based on the presentations listed

Throughout this time, he has managed to
come to the dojo regularly and share his Judo skills and
knowledge with our membership

Professor Takeuchi exemplifies the
essence of true Judo. He is quiet and unassuming, and a
model of humility and proper etiquette. He applies
himself as a scholar and educator, contributing to
society by producing new knowledge for the betterment of
all people. Despite his achievements and accolades, he
tries to stay out of the limelight, avoiding attention.
He is a gentleman and scholar — a product of what true
Judo is supposed to achieve. Although he has not stepped
in front of the dojo to teach to others directly, he has
all taught us valuable lessons indirectly, by modeling
the behaviors and manners of a true Judoka. We are
grateful for his time with us, and his quiet teachings
will affect many of us for years to come.

Thank you, Takeuchi sensei.