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August 1, 2008 – I’m in Beijing!

Hey Guys,
I got to Beijing yesterday afternoon.  Our flight was only 12 hours, and luckily I got to sit next to Ann so I wasn’t by myself.
We got to the village around 5pm and got taken to our apartments. Ronda, Val and I are sharing an apartment with 2 divers who are really nice. 
The village is AMAZING.  It is seriously like a little town.  There are busses running through it, shopping center, bank, game rooms, internet cafe, fitness center, sauna and the best part…the cafeteria!!  The cafeteria is amazing. There is every food you can ever imagine and it is HUGE.  Everything is free and all you can eat.  There is even a McDonalds inside the cafeteria.
We also got these plastic small coke things that we can put on our credential that you can swipe on any coke machine in the village and you can get a drink for free.
A lot of people have been asking me about the air quality, but it really isn’t that noticable.  What is noticable is the heat.  Its only 7am here right now but it is getting hot.  Luckily our rooms have air conditioning and a refridgerator to keep our drinks cold.
I’ll have regular email access here so please keep me posted as to whats going on at home.
Miss you guys and love you
Wish you were here with me!!