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August 3, 2008 – Day 3 here at the Olympics

Thank you so much to everyone who has written me such nice emails!! I really like hearing from everyone and seeing how everyone is back home.
So I’ve been here in Beijing at the Olympic Village for 3 days now.  It hasn’t been that long, but we’ve already familiarized ourselves with the layout of the village.  Most importantly, the dining hall and fitness room and sauna.
Opening ceremony is in 4 days, and I compete in 5.  I can’t believe that its already here, how nerve wrecking.
Did I tell you that we are rooming with two diving girls and one of them is a gold medallist from Sydney?  I never realized how hard of a sport diving is until I met these girls.  The platform divers dive from 33 feet in the air and when they hit the water its like hitting cement.  Ouch.  I thought getting thrown onto a mat hurt.
We practice every day from 11-1 at the Beijing Normal University where USOC has set up a training facility for us and other sports.  Thats where the training partners  are also staying. (Annie)   Its really nice there, and the food is awesome.  Its about a 15 minute bus ride from the village.
So the past few days has consisted of getting up, eating breakfast, working out, eating lunch, resting, working out again, and then sleeping.
I have 5 days until I have to make weight and right now my weight is great.  Normally I’m heavier than I am now.  Its hard to remind myself that I have such a long time before I compete compared to other tournament where we get there 2 days before the tournament starts.  It also helps that its like 100 degrees here and we have to walk EVERYWHERE.  I sweat just walking to the cafeteria.
I’m excited to see the judo and other sports.  Ronda and I made a list of all the sports we wanted to see which include: track and field, gymnastics, water polo, diving, bmx biking and swimming.  Hopefully we’ll be able to see some of those, if any.
Asanuma Sensei comes to China today and dad comes in a few days.  I"m excited to see both of them.
Ok, thats all for now, hope everything is good at home.