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August 10, 2008 – The Aftermath

So its 6 am here in China on August 10, the day after I competed.  Last night while writing my previous email, I was a bit delirious from lack of sleep, but now I feel much better.
Today begins day two of the judo competition.  Should be exciting, with the ever competitive 66kg men’s weight class and women’s 52kg weight class.
Something interesting that I noticed yesterday was the everyone in 48 and 60 that placed top 7 were from different countries.  These countries were Korea, Romania, Canada, Uzbekistan, Russia, Japan, Israel, Netherlands, Austria, France, Argentina, Peoples Republic of Korea, Hungary, Portugal, Great Britain, Cuba. 
This just shows the depth of judo, if 16 different countries can come in the top 7 in each different weight.  Who would’ve ever thought that someone from Uzbekistan would be a Olympic bronze medalist.  That may be their country’s only medal, and it was in judo.  At this stage, everyone is tough and no country can be underestimated.
Did I mention to you that my dad is here now?  He came a few days ago and it was awesome having him at the tournament, where I could hear him yelling for me during my matches. Him, Asanuma Sensei, Annie and our other friend Mike Eldred went to eat Chinese food last night for dinner.  Its nice to be able to eat again!
Well, now that my competition is over I get to relax a little bit.  I may go do some shopping and buy some gifts.
I can’t say thank you enough for all your kind words and emails.  It really means a lot to me knowing that so many people are behind me.