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August 6, 2008 – 46 hours and 58 minutes…

…until the opening ceremonies start!  Well, by the time you get this email, it will probably be less than that, but still!
I am so irritated right now.  Not only did one of the men’s gymnastics team members unplug the ethernet cord and I lost my whole email I was writing, Ed Liddie just told me that Kobe Bryant and the whole men’s basketball team just walked by to go to the cafeteria.  I just missed them by one minute!!  Its crazy to see people that you only hear about in the news.  Yesterday we saw Michael Phelps getting off the bus from training.  He doesn’t look like he’s a six time Olympic medalist! Of course, I wasn’t racing him in the pool.
So today consisted of the same routine.  Judo practice in the morning and then rest, then workout at night.  In between Ronda and I watched like 3 movies.  Actually, I slept through the whole first one, so technically I only saw 2.  I just got back from my sauna session and am writing this before I head to sleep.
Tomorrow should be a more interesting day.  Its 2 days before I compete and weigh cutting is in full mode.  Its crunch time and I only have a couple more days to get off the last few pounds.  Luckily, I have made a buddy in the sauna, a rower from the Netherlands.  She had to drop some pounds too, so me and her have a sauna date tomorrow night.  (Well, not an official date, but we’ve seen each other in there the last 3 nights)
The draws come out tomorrow too.  For those of you who don’t know what the draws are, it determines who competes against who first.  The draw is extremely important.  Just thinking about it makes me a little nervous.  Hopefully I will get a good draw, but at this point, anybody you draw first round will be tough since after all, this is the Olympic Games.
So I’ll let you know what my draw is when I find out.  Other then that, please remember that the opening ceremonies start on 8/8/08 at 8 pm.
Talk to you soon.