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August 7, 2008 – Olympic Facts

Some interesting tidbits that you may not have known about the Olympic Games!!!

There are 596 Athletes on the 2008 US Olympic Team
Of these, 310 are men and 286 are women.
Consider this in relation to the population of the United States which is 304,800,035 people.
There are 30 sports in the Olympic Games
22 of these teams are training at Beijing Normal University (where Ann is staying and where we practice)
Number of Athletes from California on the US Olympic Team: 175 (represent!!)
Number of Athletes who attend or have graduated from UC Berkeley: 14 (including me!)
Age of the oldest member of the US Olympic Team: 58 (John Dane III, sailing)
which makes you think…its never too late!!!
Age of the youngest athletes of the US Olympic Team: 15 (Mary Beth Dunnichay and Hayley Ishimatsu, both diving)
Number of athletes age 50+ on the 2008 US Olympic Team: 5
Number of athletes age 40+ on the 2008 US Olympic Team: 15
There are 3 Five-Time Olympians on Team USA.  Their career has spanned over 20 years!!!!
There are 20 members of our team that are mothers (including our own teammate, Valerie Gotay!)
And finally,
Sheila Taormina made sports history when she becasme the first woman to qualify for the Olympic Games in THREE different sports: modern pantathlon, triathlon, swimming.
This is her FOURTH olympic games (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008)