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August 7, 2008 – I fight Ryoko Tani first round

I can’t believe it.  Before I left to come here, I was intereviewed for this NHK program that aired in Japan about me going to the Olympics, etc.  They specifically asked me a lot of questions about Ryoko Tani, arguably the most successful female judoka of all time.  I have never worked out with Tani and have never fought her in a tournament.
Before leaving, I told Nate over and over that I thought I was going to draw Tani first round.  I would sit around and say "I bet I’ll draw Tani first round".  And guess what? I did!! I manifested it to happen, I really did. Its so funny because I was talking to my mom yesterday night and she said "If you compete against Tani, I will be able to see you on TV".  I guess my mom will be able to see me now!
I am not really nervous but more excited about fighting her.  All eyes will be on us when we compete TOMORROW and all the pressure will be on her.  We will most likely be the first match of the day, since we are the first match in our division.  The tournament starts at noon.
I got up this morning, and the first thing I did was check my email.  I didnt see the draws last night, but saw Nate’s email to me which said "You got your wish…you’re fighting Tani first round".  My jaw almost dropped to the ground.
After I checked my email I went out for a run.  I was still over a little bit and so I ran for about 45 minutes.  Now I am 48.5  which is perfect. I’ll just have to tough it out today and I’ll be fine for tomorrow.
I kept thinking to myself during my run that that would be my last time EVER having to run to make weight.  After this, I will never, ever, ever cut weight again.  Its tiring and basically sucks.  From tomorrow on, I’ll never do it again!!!
I’m very, very excited about the tournament tomorrow, especially since I am fighting Tani first round.  What a great way to enjoy my Olympic experience. 
Ronda told me today "Tomorrow if the first day of the rest of your life" and its true.  Tomorrow will be the day I compete and then I will be able to enjoy the tournament and the Olympics for the next 2 weeks (eating and drinking all I want!)
The opening ceremonies are tonight.  It should be a blast, I just hope I won’t be too tired to really enjoy it.
For those that don’t know who Tani is, go to and look her up.  Or just type her name into google and I’m sure a thousand articles will come up.
Please send me positive thoughts!! The next time I write will probably be after I compete.