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Remodel progress

Greetings again members, friends, and family!

I made another stop at the dojo this week. The painting is, for the most part, done. They were bringing in wall coverings for the back bathroom as well as tearing up the old linoleum that was underneath the old tatami. The big change I noticed is that we have doors! It looks better now that the walls have been textured and painted. I am told that the finishes will be coming fast and furious, so look for more pictures soon!

Yay! We have DOORS! No more driving by and seeing it boarded up like a condemned building!

This is what the back bathroom looks like.

A couple pictures from either side of the training area. Being that the ceiling is painted, we can no longer see where the old office wall was (you can see if you get really close, but not in this picture)

The lobby area.

The new office space. Haven’t exactly figure out where everything will go yet.

And the entryway, finally some finish on the window!

Looking forward to see the rapid progress bring things to a conclusion! Our tatami drive is a success! Soon we’ll be bringing in all new tatami, and we’re making plans to install a spring loaded floor!