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Another Heartfelt Testimonial

Thank you Tom for this heartfelt testimonial! We hope you and your family will be back soon!

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We had the opportunity to visit East Bay Judo Institute this last week while in California. We were on the way to San Jose and thought we would stop by and train. I have to qualify this post as we were already fans of East Bay Judo Institute after my wife and 5 kids competed at their last two annual tournament. Amazing tournaments that I could write tons about, but this is about their club.

We show up 15 minutes early and there was a class going, so we waited in the lobby. The lobby is quite large and plenty of seating. We were greeted by quite few parents and made to feel very welcome. My family has visited many dojo while traveling and I have to say this was one of the warmest welcome.

The advanced class was simply amazing. The first thing I noticed was how respectful and friendly all the EBJI students were. All of the students in the advanced class were older and higher ranked than my children. This wasn’t an issue as the students recognized the levels of my kids and pushed my kids just enough to give them a really great workout while forcing them to better their technique. Many times I heard EBJI students complement my children and make suggestions on technique.